All events now on site

Well guys we are nearly there.   So check out the whats on section where you will now see the full line up starting Wednesday 11th July with Mike Chants Open Mic night and Boia Gigs event at the RAFA throughout to the closing ceremony on Sunday 15th July.  This year we have a in the region of 30 music events for you and out of those there are only two that you have to pay for, which is pretty good.  The Arts timetables are also up so please go and visit and support our wonderful local artists. The whole event has been funded by our sponsors so please take a look at the Sponsor page, and if you buy anything from our sponsors just say a thank you for their support on behalf of us.

Can we also take the time to thank the artists -  The musicians that are here to perform for you are doing it for the love of our festival and to try and help us build something very special here in the magical City of St Davids.  The musicians are being paid travelling fees only and we ask that if you see a cap or a guitar case open please throw some change in if you like what you see.

Thank You 

Reub and Mike


Reuben PALIN